2.5Kg Tub

2.5Kg Tub


Improve Your Strike Rate Quickly!

  • Patented & FDA/USDA Approved
  • No Prohibited Substances
  • Single Balanced Supplement Source
  • Produces Clean Radiographs*
  • Delivers Ideal Blood Counts**

* When fed consistently with Champion Oat Balancer® while following the recommended feeding protocol.
** Data obtained from trials conducted on 50 Racehorses from 2001 - 2002.

Champion Oat Balancer® is a Patented FDA/USDA approved Multivitamin/amino acid/Mineral Supplement for equine use only in oat based feeding programs.

Horses consistently fed Champion Oat Balancer® as a part of their daily ration have ideal blood counts.

In a thoroughbred racing over 1¼ miles, the difference between an average and an ideal blood count can be as much as five lengths.


Oat Balancer
Dimension (L x W x H) 20 x 20 x 30 Centimetre
Weight 2.5 Kilogram
  • "Using Roasted Flaxseed for 5 years on broodmares & sales preparation and I believe it is an excellent product!' - Jackie Norris of Jockey Hall Stud.

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