In order to optimise the equine diet it is neccessary to follow our Feeding Protocol for Foals, Yearlings and Adult Performance Horses.

We recommend the following cycle as a guideline and of course we know that every horse is individual and no one knows their horse better than you! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us HERE!

From 3–6 Months

1 Scoop(25g) of Champion Oat Balancer®+ 1Kg Oats.

6–12 Months (Post Weaning)

2 Scoops(50g) Champion Oat Balancer® + 1-2Kg Oats.

12–18 Months

3 scoops(75g) Champion Oat Balancer® + Required Oats.

In March/April when grazing season begins a Yearling weaning gradually from grain based diet to grass. For optimal results a customised mineral mix may be formulated for particular farmlands and given twice weekly orally in a paste form. Please contact us if you require any further assitance in your assessments.

Sales Preparation

Approximately 18 Months

4 Scoops(100g) Champion Oat Balancer® added daily to Oat feed (2 measures mid-day feed & 2 measures evening feed).

Adult Performance Horses

4 Scoops(100g) Champion Oat Balancer® added daily to Oat feed (8-10Kg) (2 measures mid-day feed & 2 measures evening feed). Add Non-Dextrose Electrolytes as needed.


In all of the above feeding regimes a small amount of Roasted Flaxseed should be added to the daily ration.

Mature Weight (450 Kg/1100lb) Roasted Flaxseed Maintenance;

Light Work 150g/day or 1 Cup

Medium Work 150–225g/day or 1-1½ Cups

Intense work 225–300g/day or 1½- 2 Cups

During the period November to March (when foals/yearlings are on grain diet) it is important to monitor them carefully on a weekly basis. Foals/yearlings ideally should be weighed every two weeks. The optimum weight gain from November to March is approx 53lbs per month and during grazing season a yearlings optimum weight gain is approx 66lbs per month.

Recommended Hay - Best quality Timothy.