Champion Oat Balancer®

Based on scientific research and extensive clinical experience, the Belmont Equine Products 'Feeding Protocol' provides a proven recipe to maximise your equines health, well being and performance.

The Feeding Protocol includes the following ingredients

  • Oats (rolled daily)
  • Champion Oat Balancer®
  • Champion Roasted Flaxseed
  • Forage ration - Timothy Hay recommended

It is never too early to focus on good nutrition. The Belmont Equine Products 'Feeding Protocol' can be introduced prior to weaning. We recommend that (from 3-6 months) young bloodstock be fed a single measure (25g) of Champion Oat Balancer® + 1Kg Oats. Post weaning (6-12 months), this ration should be doubled to 2 measures (50g) of Champion Oat Balancer® + 1-2Kg Oats. Yearlings should have 3 measures (75g) Champion Oat Balancer® + the required Oats. In March/April, when grazing season begins, young bloodstock will gradually transition from a grain based diet to grass to further support their growth and development.


During the first year of life, young blood stock benefit greatly from the rich Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids found in our Champion Roasted Flaxseed. Our 100% pure flaxseed, provides the highest source of Omega 3 in the plant world and also contains 3 essential amino acids (Lysine, Methionine & Theonine). These nutrients, coupled with slow release calories aid in building high quality protein, essential for optimal growth and development. A half measure (30g) of Champion Roasted Flaxseed should be added to your foals daily feed ration.

When preparing for the Sales ring, having bloodstock that are 'glowing from the inside out' is critical to success on the day of sale. A consistent, high quality and nutritious feeding regime is essential to get the desired results. From 18 months, young bloodstock already on the Belmont Equine Products 'Feeding Protocol' can have their ration increased to 4 measures (100g) of  Champion Oat Balancer® added daily to Oat feed (ideally spread over 2 feeds - 2 measures @mid-day & 2 measures @evening). Each feed should also be 'top dressed' with a measure of Champion Roasted Flaxseed. 

Not feeding an oat based diet? Why not add our Champion Roasted Flaxseed to your commercial feed. There is no need to pre-sock or mash as the patented roasting process ensures that our flaxseed retains it's palatable nutty flavour and texture while maintaining its nutritional value so that your equine gets the overall general health benefits (including immuno-support, a shiny healthy coat and improved overall condition).


'Champions' across all equine disciplines rely on good nutrition for peak performance. The Belmont Equine Products Feeding Protocol has been successfully used with a vast range of equines - from broodmares and their off spring, covering stallions, winning race horses, high performance showjumpers & eventers as well as show horses. But don't rely on us to convince you of the merits of our feeding protocol. Check out our customers testimonials.

At Belmont Equine Products, we are happy to dicuss your individual needs. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us HERE!