Described as a man of many talents, Liam McAteer from Navan. Co Meath is well known as a farrier, pin hooker and race horse trainer. Liam’s extensive experience producing successful TB horses had taken a 5-year hiatus and he returned to the track as a trainer for the 2020 season. Liam was familiar with the Belmont Feeding ‘protocol’ (oats, Champion Oat Balancer® & Champion Roasted Flaxseed in combination with high quality forage) having previously used the products to produce many successful horses for the sales ring and the race course. With a promising filly, AMAZING EMMA (IRE) in his yard, Liam again chose the Belmont feeding ‘protocol’ to optimize her nutrition. Just 7 weeks on the regime, saw Amazing Emma win decisively at Dundalk racecourse (23-10-2020). Needless to say Liam (as trainer), his son John (as owner) & jockey D.E Sheehy were delighted with her performance. Speaking with Liam in the days following, Dr Richard McCormick was told of the filly’s speedy post-race recovery. A credit to the strong nutritional balance achieved with oats and Champion Oat Balancer as well as the optimal supports of the Champion Roasted Flaxseed which provides high quality Omega-3’s & 6’s, essential amino acids and alpha linolenic acid (ALA), a proven anti-inflammatory. According to Liam McAteer, “I would highly recommend Champion Oat Balancer® & Champion Roasted Flaxseed. It keeps the horses right & they give their best on it” 

Photo credits: Pat Healy Photography

By the age of 2 years, Scolan a golden Labrador was struggling with serious skin problems. Her allergy caused her to scratch her skin and bite her limbs. At times she would become quite distressed. Her immune system was under stress and she was uncomfortable on a near constant basis. Her veterinarian prescribed medication (Atopica) to deal with the allergic response which brought some but not complete relief. A family friend suggested that Romie try Champion Roasted Flaxseed from Belmont Equine Products. She had used the product with great success on two horses with skin allergies and described elimination of symptoms in both horses. Romie decided to ‘give it a go’…..

The Roasted Flaxseed was purchased in 425g format. It is ground (Scolan prefers it that way) and stored in the fridge. Scolan gets one tablespoon of Champion Roasted Flaxseed top dressed  on her (hypo-allergenic) dry feed daily. Scolan has not been on medication since the Champion Roasted Flaxseed was established in her diet. “We knew that we needed to do something and the Champion Roasted Flaxseed worked better than we expected …. When she started on the allergy medication, we realized that the ‘real cost’ was going to be that Scolan was not going to live a long & happy life. The medication was supressing her immune system and she was very vulnerable as a result. After using the Champion Roasted Flaxseed alongside the medication for a few weeks we noticed improvement in her overall condition. So much so that we eventually stopped the medication and just stuck with the Champion Roasted Flaxseed. Scolan is 12 years old now (2020) . We really never thought back then that she would still be with us. She is a happy dog and the Champion Roasted Flaxseed daily is what keeps her right”

“I would also like to mention that the customer service and advice that I have received from Belmont Equine Products has been excellent. I am a satisfied customer and a very happy dog owner”

Tom McNamara & Galway Blazers

Tom McNamara is a local equine legend in the west of Ireland. As Huntsman with the Galway Blazers and owner of Shanbally Sport Horses (Co Galway), Tom has extensive experience with producing quality Irish hunters and Sport Horses. Tom uses Champion Roasted Flaxseed from Belmont Equine Products daily. Each horse that is 'in work' at Shanbally Sport Horses is given an 'eggcup' of flaxseed top dressed on their morning and evening feeds. No other supplements are used.

Tom told us that "the Roasted Flaxseed is brilliant for the horses. You can see it in their coats & skin. It makes them waterproof".

A few years ago, delighted with the condition of his horses, their general wellness and positive demenour, Tom decided to try some for himself..... Champion Roast Flaxsed is a 100% pure natural product that is suitable for human consumption too. Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, the patented roasting process produces Flaxseed of high quality with a rich, nutty flavour and crunchy texture that is ready to eat. According to Tom, "It's great for the joints and I take some myself in the mornings. I have noticed a real difference in my knees". Tom is happy to recommend Belmont Equine Products Champion Roasted Flaxseed to others too. " People always ask me what I am feeding when I sell them a horse. I keep it simple and tell them to keep the horse on Richards Flaxseed to keep them right"

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Pat Martin (c) Healy Racing Photos

A native of the Royal County (Co. Meath), Pat Martin has enjoyed a successful race horse training career since first taking his license in 1984. His first winner, Kasperova was just the beginning. Martin has had  many significant horses in his 'string' including Breffni Flyer, Alvor, Peru Girl, Crystal Springs, Indiana Gal, Mary O'Malley and Reckless Lad. Pat began using Belmont Equine Products Champion Roasted Flaxseed in 2017 as part of his daily feeding regime. Chatting about the talented gelding, Reckless Lad, Pat noted that "all through his life he was stiff, but he is moving better now (as an 8 year old) than he ever has before'".

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