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At Belmont Equine Products, we’re proud of the great relationships we’ve formed with our customers over the years. We’re excited to share some of their feedback with you & invite you to submit your own testimonial today.

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Alana Cazabon - FEI Dressage

“I find it mind blowing. It is just so simple & it works” - Alana Cazabon (2023)

Irish international dressage rider Alana Cazabon is not only passionate about horses but is a huge fan of the patented & proven Belmont feeding protocol that saved her mother’s horses life. After seeing first-hand the impact of ‘optimal nutrition’ which allows the gut microbiome to heal & maintain proper gut functioning, Alana has her entire string of dressage focused horses on the feed regime.

The Belmont feeding protocol is ‘optimally balanced’ to deliver ideal blood counts & was developed on a sample of 50 horses over a 12 month period by veterinarian Dr. Richard McCormick. The protocol involves feeding  fresh rolled oats, a USDA/FDA approved multi-vitamin & mineral mix (Champion Oat Balancer ™) & providing supplemental high quality omegas (Champion Roasted Flaxseed) in conjunction with ‘ad lib’ access to forage (preferably Timothy hay) & clean water. The regime has been successful in supporting equines across all equestrian disciplines & has been critical to the recovery of horses with diagnosed inflammatory bowel disease & hind gut ulcers. (case study available here)

Coming from an Irish equestrian family, Alana has had great exposure to the care & production of horses & ponies for both pleasure (through the family business in Cleggan, Co Galway) & performance in her own FEI International dressage career. After moving away from a commercial feed & a myriad of supplements to the Belmont Feeding protocol, Alana’s horses including a mare & foal were “instantly in better form”. She is particularly excited about how the feed regime has impacted her upcoming warm blood horses training at elementary & Inter-1 level. Previously described as ‘too hot, grumpy & quirky’. Alana told us “I am so excited to bring my horses to train in Belgium with Jeanette Huazen. The Belmont Feeding protocol has made a big impact on their willingness and openness to learning. It has unlocked their natural movement & the diet is so simple & cost effective it is almost impossible to comprehend”

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